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orphic - producer (glitch hop, funk, bass)

Joel Jakub (aka “Orphic”) is an up and coming producer from Detroit living in Venice Beach, California. He is the newest member on the Take Back the Night Productions' roster and his mission is to blend the passionate yet alien sounds of bass music into a funky stew of delicious melodies reminiscent of the musical bloom of Motown as experienced from another planet. It’s like listening to Stevie Wonder through a kaleidoscope. His unique, groovy sound is sure to revolutionize the way people define “EDM”. He pushes the parameters of genre barriers, and doesn’t limit his creativity to a specific style or BPM.  Orphic has two full length albums out on Adapted Records.


bk willy- tbtn front man/founder, dj (dNB, BREAKS, GHETTO FUNK)


TBTN is the brainchild of BK Willy aka Baker Wiles that was born in a small theater on Sunset & La Brea out of a combination of boredom, opportunity, a love of electronic music, and whiskey.


His BIG ROOM breakbeats, destructive drum and bass, and glitchy ghetto funk sets will leave any  dancer  sweaty and satisfied.




k-mo beats - producer/dj (turntablism, trap, crunk)

K-Mo has been producing electronic music since 2001.

Formally under the moniker DispenserPEZ , he has always had an ear for strange new sounds, and a mangling of genres and frequencies.

His style and influence come from deep within the netherworld, where obscure and unique dollops of musical inspiration are born.

His DJ sets are a blend of Funky electronic bliss ranging from trap, Jersey club, glitch hop, dubstep, crunk, and eclectic sounds from all over the globe.


bhettosauce (juicyb's toesauce) - dj (garage, two step, house)

When he's not being overly concerned with his DJ moniker, you can find Ben Webber attending UCLA Grad School, talking on the phone about investment banking and biochemistry, or yelling at BK Willy about the budget. He's also in charge of recording all the sounds you hear on the TBTN podcast.  His music selections will definitely keep you gooving. 

Our artists have played a variety of stages, including: Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Electric Forest, Wakarusa,  Lightning in a Bottle, Boogaloo Mountain Jam, King King Hollywood, Los Globos, 333 Live, Lot 613, Spin (SD), and more.  From renegade to main stage, TBTN is there.   


For all booking requests, please email: booking@tbtnproductions.com





Stephen DeLalla is a talented young producer/dj and a world class video animation engineer. 


He is also in charge of EPs, LPs, albums, and all other musical releases on the TBTN label, acting as our VP of Record Distribution.




t-Pete, dj (disco, house)

T-Pete, aka Sean Hoyt, just began his DJ career in 2014 but is already well on his way to the top. 

This guy's deep disco deliveries will destroy any dance floor without a doubt.


 hobo with a laptop- producer (glitch hop, ghetto funk)


Spencer Bonassi was a bum on the street.  Then he found a laptop in a dumpster.  The rest is history...


He's got soul I'll tell ya, real soul.


Try to stop gyrating to this guys glitchy wobbly goodness.







Two turntables and a mixer...


Vegan tastes....


Long motherfucking hair.


Like a boss.


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